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  1.     Hold on tight for whitewater rafting on the “Racecourse” section of the Rio Grande River! Conditions permitting, scouts will raft in one and two man rubber “fun yaks”.

  2.     After rafting it’s time for snacks and cold drinks for all!

  3.     Dinner at an all you can eat American buffet!

  4.     Return to the hotel in Albuquerque (indoor pool, gift shop, computer center, fitness center, ping pong, basketball, and board games) where the fun doesn’t stop!

  5.     Spend the evening pool side, in the exercise room, in the computer room or play board games, ping pong or basketball with your crew and other Scouts from all over the country---this is some Scout trip!

      Day 3

  1.     Hot, all you can eat, full breakfast buffet at hotel-waffles, eggs, sausage, bacon, Danish, cereal, juice, and fresh fruit!

  2.     Review your homebound departure day pick up procedures and get your Blue Sky Adventures “give-a-ways and tips” to make your trek even better.

  3.     All aboard the Blue Sky Express! You will be at Philmont by 10:00 AM.

        Departure Day

  1.     Depart Philmont on the 7:30 AM Blue Sky Express.  Exact departure time may change based on our transportation schedule.  We will confirm exact time once your flight is finalized.

  2.     Arrive Albuquerque International Airport by 11:30 AM.  Departure flight must leave after 1 PM.

  3.     Time for some tasty food that you don’t have to mix with water! Each person will receive $10 cash for use at the airport food court. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a meal before your flight home!

         Day 2

  1.     Hot, delicious, all you can eat, full breakfast buffet at hotel-waffles, eggs, sausage, bacon, Danish, cereal, juice, fresh fruit and more!

  2.     Rendezvous with your tour guide at the hotel. Your tour guide will again be with you all day and will give you an in depth look at the history, culture, wonders and beauty of New Mexico.

  3.     Walking tour of Santa Fe, the second oldest city in the United States.  See the historic State Capitol, Santa Fe Plaza, and the Santa Fe Trail Journeys End Memorial.   

  4.     Experience Native American culture first hand as you climb up the ancient trails of Puye Cliffs and visit the 900 year old ruins at the top of the mesa.  Led by a Native American  guide, this is a truly unique experience! **

  5.     Box lunch at scenic Puye on the porch of the historic Harvey House.

    Day 1

  1.    Arrive by 5 PM to begin your adventure!  Pick up at the Albuquerque International Airport and transport to the hotel. Get your custom Blue Sky Adventures Nalgene water bottle!

•Check in at the hotel where there’s lots to do (pool, gift shop, computer center, fitness center, ping pong, and basketball).

•If you arrive early enough, grab some lunch on your own at any number of popular restaurants within easy walking distance.

•Spend the afternoon poolside or play board games, ping-pong or basketball with your crew and other Scouts from all over the country--this is some Scout trip!

•Dinner is good food and lots of it! An “all you can eat” buffet.

•Pick up any last minute items you need for the trail. Lots of options within a 10 minute walk of the hotel.


New Mexico


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**Puye based on availability which may be impacted by weather conditions, road closure, group visitation limits and other reasons.  Substitute venues to be determined by Blue Sky Adventures. 

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  1. Old Town - Bonus Sightseeing Opportunity   

  2.     Not ready to go home?  Can’t get an afternoon flight?  Why sit around the airport?  For those groups with a flight departing Albuquerque later in the day, we have a terrific way for you to spend the afternoon.  We will provide complimentary transportation from the airport to/from Old Town Albuquerque!  We will even store your bags!

  3.     Old Town was established in 1706 and it was the heart of the Wild West in its day. See Native American artists at work and walk through the historic Plaza which has been under the rule of 5 different countries over the last 300 years!  Poke around in the local stores and historic and cultural sites. This is a real taste of the Southwest! 

  4.     We will have you back at the airport Terminal over an hour before your flight but no later than 4 PM.  If you want to do anything other than Old Town, we can arrange a private charter for your group at a cost of $100 per hour. All private charters will need to be booked prior to June 1.

  5.     We can also offer the Old Town option to groups who have flights arriving in Albuquerque before 11:30 AM on their arrival day.  For operational reasons related to your arrival day, there is a charge of $100 for up to 14 passengers and $200 for groups larger than 14. We will drop you in Old Town by 12 PM and pick you up by 2 PM.  If you want to add this option to your tour package, please do so when you book your reservation with us.  If necessary, we can add this option closer to the summer but it must be booked no later than June 1.