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     Day 1

  1.     Depart Albuquerque International Airport 1 hour after scheduled arrival.

  2.     Departure from airport includes 1 hour stop for lunch at a location of our choice central to several fast food restaurants.

  3.     Arrive Philmont Welcome Center or Cimarron motel.

   Departure Day

  1.     7:30 AM pick up at Philmont and transport to Albuquerque Airport on the Blue Sky Express Shuttle.  Departure flight must leave after 1:00 PM.

    NOTE--Our prices are all inclusive.  All taxes, fees, fuel surcharges, etc...are included.  Driver gratuity is at your option.

    ** Please understand that it is very difficult to travel to Philmont on the day you arrive in either Albuquerque or Denver.  Philmont is 200-300 miles from either city.  If you plan to go straight there, it leaves you very vulnerable to a travel disruption (cancelled flight, delayed flight, lost bag, mechanical issue with a vehicle, traffic situation, road closure, etc…).  


    If cost is the driving factor, please look at the No Frills package.  When you consider the cost to hire a reputable transportation company, feed your scouts, and house them in a Scout appropriate environment we think you will find the No Frills is a great value.  It is easy on the Advisors and really fun for the Scouts!

Shuttle Transportation to Philmont

New Mexico

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