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Blue Sky Adventures will take the worry out of the trip to Philmont so Advisors can focus on the job at hand without the burden of logistical issues like driving directions, where to eat and what to do. Let us handle the how, when, and where so you can focus on team building, youth leadership, safety issues, and all the other elements that make for a successful Philmont experience. We promise to make your pre Philmont trip a seamless Scouting experience.

Last but not least, don’t underestimate the value of a few days to acclimate prior to your trek at Philmont Scout Ranch.  You are in for an exhilarating and physically demanding trek.  A few days to adjust to the altitude will definitely help make this adventure safer and more enjoyable.  Particularly for the Advisors!

Check out our action packed, fun filled itineraries starting in either Denver, Colorado or Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Click the below links for more information on the trips we offer in each of these locations:

Don’t just fly to the Southwest and drive straight to Philmont, passing so many neat things to see and do. Spend a little extra money and do it right.  Don’t miss out on a terrific opportunity to see the amazing Southwest!

Blue Sky Adventures will bring the Southwest “alive” for your Scouts.  White water rafting, ancient Indian cliff dwellings, Pikes Peak on the Cog Railway, hiking, climbing, sightseeing, good meals, and safe, comfortable lodging! Our trips are led by professional tour guides who are skilled at telling local stories that entertain kids and deliver a history lesson. “Scouting is a game with a purpose” and our hands on tours meet that goal!  And with extra time to acclimate, your Philmont trek will be more enjoyable.

Let Blue Sky Adventures make your Philmont trip special!

“Philmont is a once in a lifetime gift for a young man.”