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Blue Sky Adventures has provided tours to over 100,000 Scouts since 2002. So why have so many Scouts trusted us with their travel plans? Because we make the trip very special and as good as it can be! We make sure your Scouts get the most out of their High Adventure trip to Philmont, Sea Base, Northern Tier, or The Summit.

Make The Journey As Good As The Destination!


Our itineraries are creative, well planned, culturally authentic adventures loaded with lots of fun things for Scouts to see and do. Our customer service and attention to detail are exceptional—just ask anyone who has used us! Over 95% rate their experience as excellent AND a great value!

We have an exciting itinerary for groups headed to Northern Tier. You will get to “campout” inside of the terrific Base Camp facility in Minneapolis, MN where we will do an evening program that includes rock climbing, high ropes, and archery. Getting to and from Ely, MN on your own is a challenge but we can help make it easy on the advisors and memorable for the Scouts.
Our Philmont Scout Ranch tours begin in Denver, Colorado Springs, or Albuquerque.
In Colorado you will get to do terrific activities like hiking at Red Rocks Park, visiting the Air Force Academy, exploring the Garden of the Gods, whitewater rafting through the Royal Gorge, or visiting the 14,115 foot summit of Pike’s Peak.
Our tours are Sea Base feature the BEST of South Florida. Prior to Sea Base, you will get to stay at a hotel located on the beautiful and famous Ft. Lauderdale Beach! Visit the Alligator Park near the Everglades and feed the tarpon at Robbie’s Marina in Islamorada, FL.
If your tour starts in Albuquerque, you can visit volcanoes, Native American cave dwellings, ride the exhilarating Sandia Tram to the top of Sandia Peak, raft on the Rio Grande or visit historic Santa Fe. All of the above activities occur at over 6,000 feet above sea level. What a great way to acclimate for your Philmont trek!






OVER 2,000,000 MILES

Did You Hear The News?

With the addition of The Summit Bechtel Reserve, we are now offering Jamboree tours in West Virginia!

Whether you are flying or driving, we have packages that can help make this trip special.